The Benefits of Glass Balustrades

If you’re looking for a new balustrading system for either inside or outside your home, one choice is to use glass balustrades.  Not only are they incredibly attractive, but they also have a whole host of other benefits. Read on to learn more.

What is Glass Balustrades?

A glass balustrade is a type of balustrading material that provides a safety barrier of some sort or is used as fencing.  Glass balustrades can be fully framed, semi-frameless or fully frameless and they can be made of different types of glass, such as tempered glass, safety glass, structural glass, and glass that comes in textured, solid, curved, or opaque designs.

Using Glass Balustrades in the Home

Glass balustrades are incredibly versatile and can be used anywhere in the home where you would use a traditional balustrade or railing system.  Use glass balustrades in the following places:

  1. Staircases – glass balustrades look brilliant around staircases and can actually give your staircase a floating impression.  Railings can be installed on top of the balustrades for additional safety, and you can use glass balustrades on the interior and exterior staircases.
  2. Balconies – glass balustrades provide an excellent barrier around your balcony, no matter how large or small it is.  The beauty of using glass balustrades around your balcony is that your views are completely uninterrupted, and your balcony ends up feeling larger and more open.
  3. Pool fencing – another place where glass balustrades really shine is when they are used as pool fencing. They provide a safe barrier that completely complies with all the relevant legislation, so you don’t have to worry about your children getting into the pool, but they do this without compromising your view at all.  This means that you get the full beauty of the pool area and the sparkling water from wherever you are in the home or garden.

Why Glass Balustrades are a Great Option

Glass balustrades are a great option for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the primary one, and the main reason why they are so popular, is because they are so see-through, which means that when they are installed, your views are not lost at all.  This is important to people, as people like to be able to see their surroundings, whether that’s their garden, their pool or entertaining area, or the views of the beaches, forests or mountains beyond.   They are also incredibly versatile design-wise, as they are available in so many different framing and fixing options, and in different colours and textures. You can use glass balustrades in any style home, not just modern or contemporary.

As well as being incredibly attractive, glass balustrades are also very safe.  This is because they are made using thick, tempered safety glass, which is very difficult to break.  In the extremely rare occasion that it does break, it does not break into sharp shards. Their safety and durability make them absolutely ideal for areas where children will be and mean that they can stand up to just about any conditions.

Glass balustrades are also low maintenance and durable, as the posts or fittings that hold the glass panels in place are made from materials that won’t corrode, such as marine grade stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium.  All you need to do is to clean the balustrade occasionally using a mild detergent.

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