Semi Frameless Shower Screens in Sydney

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens


Brightness Glass has finished many semi-frameless shower screens with customer high satisfaction feedback.

Professional Semi-frameless Shower Screens Installation in Parramatta

Give your bathroom ambience the touch of light-border with the semi-frameless shower screen. A glazing finish to the bathroom is something that you would always love to watch. We have the quality semi-frameless shower screens in Arncliffe with an aluminium frame and stainless steel fixtures. The frame gets attached with the wall and provides a perfect sealing to block the gap that lies between the glass and wall from where water escapes.

Our semi-frameless shower screens available in Sydney are ideal for a conventional-looking bathroom as well as a modern bathroom. They add more spaciousness and luxury to your bathroom. They enhance your bathing area with style. At Brightness Glass, we understand that a shower is an integral part of a bathroom and has a considerable impact on the bathing experience of a user. Therefore, we seek to supply our customers with exquisite semi-frameless shower screens that are a fusion of both high functionality and superior aesthetic appearance.

Semi-frameless Shower Screens with High Customer Satisfaction

At Brightness Glass and Glazing, we strive to provide you with an almost frameless glass-type finish in a cost-effective way. Our team offers great flexibility to our customers in Sydney by allowing them to choose a semi-frameless shower screen as per their requisite. If there are any special requirements or add-on, our team of experts will make sure to address the same and provide you with the best possible alternative. At Brightness Glass, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We place our clients at the centre stage.

Our semi-frameless shower screens in Sydney are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We give utmost attention to the overall finesse, appearance, and functionality of the shower screen. We make an effort to ensure that the entire panel remains simple and therefore, whenever you opt for semi-frameless shower screens installation in Bankstown, Ryde, and Parramatta. We ascertain that the project is completed  quickly.

Our design and installation have always been keeping in mind the convenience of things and users. A full door panel would always provide you with a more open appearance to the bathroom, reducing the chances or the possibilities of water escapade. With the ability to open in both the ways, these doors can prevent water shedding as well.

Apart from this, our semi-frameless shower screens are very easy to maintain. Since the framing is only around the edge the chances of dirt accumulation, soap scum, trapping of grime is very low. In addition, a semi-frameless shower screen does not demand much maintenance. Once installed properly it can last for a lifetime. Their operational cost is almost nil. All you require is just some occasional cleaning to retain the original gleam and sheen of the glass.

Extensive Range Of Semi-frameless Shower Screens In Sydney

We have ensured all the possible means to design the doors that would suit your requirement and any circumstances. Meeting all the possible specifications, we also ensure that the quality of the glass surface always remains of the top quality with no abrasion, stain, and waterproof coating.

Brightness Glass brings a wide collection of bespoke semi-frameless shower screens in Sydney. Our designers semi-frameless are available in several design options, size options, styles, as well as finesse options. You can choose the desired one based on your preferences and the overall décor of the bathroom. Our semi-frameless shower screens are sure to blend seamlessly in your bathroom and augment its beauty exceptionally.

Brightness Glass has finished many semi-frameless shower screens with customer high satisfaction feedback.

Shower Screen Specifications:

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