Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrades


With years of experience and council regulation awareness Brightness Glass is here to help you with your Glass Fencing and Balustrading from design to Supply and install.

Frameless Glass Balustrades Installation

Brightness Glass and Glazing is your one-stop solution to high-quality balustrade and fencing. We have a wide range of glass balustrades that are a perfect combination of modernism and security. Our glass balustrades enhance the beauty of your premises and give it a distinct edge. 

Possessing years of field experience and awareness of council regulations; our experts will assist you with your frameless glass balustrade installation in Arncliffe; right from its designing to its installation.

Sleek Frameless Glass Balcony

A balcony is one of the major attractions of any premises. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the weather, ambience, and mood of the evening. Having a balcony is surely an asset. It not only offers you great space but also access to fresh natural air. However, the safety and security of the balcony are equally important. Our frameless glass balcony is one of the best ways to add more beauty to your premises while ensuring its security too.

Brightness Glass brings you a contemporary and sleek frameless glass balcony at an unbeatable price. We offer you frameless glass balconies that have an unobstructed view of the surrounding along with an architectural statement. They add more luxury to your home or office and they facilitate the free flow of light. They give your premises a spacious and roomy appearance. Now you can enjoy the view of your balcony while maintaining its style through the use of a compact and modern frameless Glass Balcony from Brightness Glass.

Customised Frameless Glass Balcony

Brightness Glass strives to offer some of the best custom frameless glass balcony options to suit the varied needs of our customers. So now, you can choose the best glass balcony that compliments your premises and gives it a classic appearance.

Whether you are looking out for a circular, sectional frameless glass balcony or custom made glass balcony, your hunt ends at Brightness Glass. Our glass balcony adds more safety and a sense of luxury to your premises with its exquisite design and superior finesse.

Quality Frameless Glass Balcony

Brightness Glass believes in achieving perfection in every job that we do. We make sure all our products are made from top-notch quality materials and comply with Australian Standards. We install frameless glass balconies that are crafted with utmost precision and made from a high quality toughened glass. All the products at Brightness Glass undergo three-level quality testing to ensure our products are on par with industry quality standards. Total quality assurance is the promise that we deliver at Brightness Glass.

Apart From These Balustrade Specifications:

We bring to you side mounted pin fixed glass or mini-post spigots. Our experts will install a frameless glass balustrade just about anywhere you want.

You will always get the grade-A toughened glass with marine grade stainless steel hardware and fixtures manufactured as per modern Australian designs and architecture.

The same goes for our other key products like handrails and fixings, spigots, which exceed both Building Codes and Australian Standard regulations.

It is why for bespoke frameless glass balustrade installation work in Ryde and also Parramatta; you can rely on us.

Our Balustrade Specifications Entail:

Our Installation Process:

Our installation experts use quality certified balustrade glass for the glass frame and secure it using stainless steel spigots. These are either drilled to its core or surface mounted to your tiled, concrete, or even timber areas.

Another mode is using balcony clamps or stand-off pins mounted on the stair treads or walkway sides. We use 10mm of toughed for performing semi-frameless and 12mm resilient glass for frameless installations.

Lastly, the glass balustrade channel is used to mount the glass to the substrate. This can either be mounted on the surface or countersunk inside the substrate for hassle-free installation.

And to comply with restrictions in the height of the balustrade, top rails (round top-edged stainless steel either in square or rounded profile available in mirror and satin finish) are used.

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